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Current position

I am currently research engineer in Bioinformatics for the IFR142, with a three-year contract from Lille2 University (September 2011 -- December 2014). I am working on Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data in PEGASE unit.

Lecturer position

I had a one-year lecturer contract (October 2010 -- August 2011) at the University of Lille1 (see here for teaching details).

Post-doctoral position

After my PhD, I had a post-doctoral position at PDBe (Protein Data Bank Europe) of EBI (European Bioinformatic Institute), Cambridge (UK) - October 2009 -- September 2010.

PhD Thesis

I defended my PhD thesis the 8th of septembre of 2009 ( manuscript, slides ).

  • Thesis supervisor: Gregory Kucherov (LIFL, France)
  • co-supervisor: Maude Pupin (LIFL, France)
  • co-supervisor: Valérie Leclère (ProBioGEM, France)
  • Reviewer: Marie-Dominique Devignes (LORIA, France)
  • Reviewer: Pierre Cornelis (VIB, Belgique)
  • Examiner: Bernard Wathelet (UCBI, Belgique)
  • Examiner: Daslav Hranueli (PBF, Croatie)
  • President: Philippe Jacques (ProBioGEM, France)
Abstract: Nonribosomal peptides are molecules produced by microorganisms and displaying a broad spectrum of biological activities and pharmaceutical applications. They can harbor anti-microbial, immuno-modulating or anti-tumor activities. These peptides are synthesized by huge multi-enzymatic complexes, called NonRibosomal Peptide Synthetases. Two main structural traits distinguish these peptides from the ribosomally synthesized ones : first, their primary structure is not always linear but is often cyclic (partially or totally), branched or poly-cyclic, and second, the diversity of monomers incorporated into nonribosomal peptides extends far beyond the 20 proteogenic amino acids residues. We have developed Norine, the first public resource entirely dedicated to nonribosomal peptides. Norine currently contains more than 1 000 peptides, modeled by non-oriented labeled graphs, and computational tools allowing their analysis, such as monomer composition comparison, structural pattern matching or similarity search. Statistical analysis of Norine data highlighted interesting biological properties such as a speci?c monomer composition depending on the biological activity, that led us to develop a tool for helping the prediction of peptide activity from its monomeric composition. In three years, Norine became the international resource for nonribosomal peptides.

I have done my PhD (INRIA/Région) in the BioInfo team (INRIA Sequoia) of LIFL and at the ProBioGEM laboratory.


After obtained a DEUG Sciences et Vie, in University Jean Perrin of Lens, I joined IUP Génie Biologique et Informatique of Evry. This IUP is a three-years formation, balanced between theoretical and practical teaching. It also allows to obtain a double competence in biology and bioinformatics [teaching program]. I then joined the Master Informatique et Mathématiques pour la Biologie Intégrative of University of Evry Val d'essonne.